Maximize your efficiency

Fast Track Claims Processing

Intelligently pull relevant data into claims, eliminate duplicate entry, and close claims faster.

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Advanced visibility

Move faster with instant access to data. Spend less time saving and relaying information.

Automated loss runs and audits

Give your auditor a log in. Then, lean back and watch as the fastest audit you've ever had gets underway.

Our Solution

Connect the dots.

By intelligently sharing information from insured and policy management, our platform enables automated end-to-end claims processing that is highly intelligent, dynamic and ready to deliver ROI.

Our Solution

Self-insurance gets complicated. We know.

Our platform allows Captives, RRG’s and Speciality Carriers to easily benefit from intelligent and dynamic business rules supporting all coverage types.

A.I. Insurance knows your insureds are more complicated than usual and our platform far surpasses competing solutions in sophistication, speed, flexibility, and cost savings.

Cloud-Based Solution with the Highest Security Measures

We've got you covered

For Medium Insurers


For insurers already using a database-backed system, our software brings your organization into the future.

At no cost, all your data will be moved over, having you up and running in as little as 2 weeks. No charges for logins means everyone in your org works together, without you paying extra for growing.

For Small Insurers

Captive Industry

The AI Insurance platform reframes how users think about their business information.

Unlimited logins and controlled access means that Brokers, TPAs, Carriers, Captive Managers, and more all get visibility into their part of the process, making everything move faster. No more writing up reports for someone else in the ecosystem.


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What our clients are saying

After 18 years in the industry, as a Program Manager and TPA for several PL/GL programs, AI Insurance has proven to be the best choice for the software system for Magnolia and its clients. We have no regrets and have found the staff at AI to be phenomenally responsive in addressing any questions or issues and I can heartily recommend AI.

Robert Bates

President of Magnolia LTC

AI Insurance is the best platform we’ve used to manage our clients, their claims and policies, all synced together in one place and supported by a great team!

Michael Richards

Riverdale Claims Management

In record time A.I. Insurance delivered an intuitive, easy-to-navigate platform that allows us to view, edit, manipulate and understand all of our data with a minimal amount of clicks. My first impression was "It’s Beautiful!"

Julie Bordo

CEO of PCH Mutual RRG